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101 Project

Its so big that stryene will not work so it will be made from acrylic where strength is needed. The chassis was not big enough, it had to be cut, stretched and driveshafts remade, 

Since starting this project fabricating the snowplow without making a master then casting it had been a concern. Buying one was no good because we could not locate a source. Then today I found that the answer had been in front of me all along. Plastic mini-blinds. Having a discarded one didnt hurt, but for 4.98 at wall-mart for a new one would be a lifetime supply. Preformed roll cuts with an exacto blade, can be reformed and holds its shape, attatches with stryene solvent. 

With the exception of Horns, air hoses and fittings, roof light,bell and a few NBW castings the model is made from Acrylic, stryene,and brass. The air tanks were made from brass tube with end caps made from brass shim stock which was cut to fit then soldered in place.