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2-6-2 Tank Engine

For all those of you foaming at the mouth to bash Bachmans as yet unreleased Forney I would like to suggest a little loco from a old Maker that has been redone. It is a little 0-6-0 saddle tanker from Mantua. 

It comes packaged in a Red Foam lined box that looks a lot like a Bachman Box. The loco has a can like motor, runs extremely slow and smooth out of the box,has front and rear operating lights is DCC ready and cost under $50.00 retail in US dollars. 

I have had mine for awhile but never could really decide what to do with it until recently.  Now it is my new 2-6-2 logger.

Mech.-Mantua DCC ready 0-6-0
Scratch built superstructure from stryene.
PSC and Grandt line detail parts.
The fuel bunker has enough room for speaker and is drilled to allow sound flow.
There is plenty of room under hollow saddle tank for DCC board. 

The 0-6-0 from Mantua is a vast improvement over other offerings in the past. It runs extremely slow and smooth out of the box and for $50.00 is a good donor for bashing.