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Working with Reaper Bones

Working with Reaper Bones has required a change in the methods that I have used with metal and ABS figures.  The two trolls in the image above were my first experiment with modifying bones figures.  I was not that happy with the results.  I was able to cut the figure easily however getting the cuts square was not easy at all.  I used the recommend super glue to attached the limbs for the troll on the left in the new positions with the right hand facing forward and the left forearm angled away from the body.  After doing some testing to see how strong the glued bond is it seems the limbs will fall off with very little handling which is not good for a gaming figure.  I did find that green stuff seems to work with bones.  I have also found that spraying bones with grey primer is worth while so I can see the detail better and it also helps the paint flow more consistently.  

I did find that removing flash from bones figures can be a bit vexing.  Trying to cut it off with knife works but can time consuming and hard to do in tight areas.  The solution for me is using fine grit diamond rifflers.  I was concerned that they would clog up with plastic when I used them but that has not been the case.