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When I was in my teens I had model railroad and enjoyed using it to simulate the activities that would take place in the operating department of a real railroad.  I enjoyed this activity very much and vowed to build a new model railroad later in life. The time came to the revisit model railroading and finding myself living in narrow gauge country at the time Bachmann was releasing their On30 equipment it was easy to decide to do the new layout in On30 narrow gauge.

In revisiting the model railroad scene I was able to review the progress made in the area of model railroad operations while I had been away from the hobby. Through the years I have been interested in the history of railroad development and construction which has resulted in the study and reading of a large number of books and other sources on the subject. With my new background information and looking at the current state of operations in model railroading I was struck with the idea that simulating operations was a small subset of the activity that takes place on a real railroad.

The idea that simulating railroad activity beyond that of the operating department would be enjoyable and entertaining is simple enough. In pursuing that idea I found that scaling the decisions of management and the other departments like engineering into activity taking place on a model railroad was not for the faint of heart. One hobby that has a lot of experience in scaling and modeling decision-making is wargaming and I turned that hobby to get ideas on how to scale and model the decision-making I wanted to simulate on my model railroad.

While I have made a lot of progress on adding capital management, risk management, and financial incentives I have also found it leading me deeper into the wargaming hobby. As I am raising two boys who find wargaming interesting this did not seem like a bad thing. By selecting Design Choices from the menu on the left you will be able to review the history of this process and the progress I have been making with the design of my layout and the design of the system I intend to use with my layout for replicating the choices that are made in running a real transportation system.

I am off the beaten path combining two hobbies that are normally not combined but I am finding they both have a lot to offer.